→ A structured, highly tailored affiliate approach

→ Experienced specialists with extensive network connections

→ Proven track record with global retail brands

→ A free, personalised consultation for your company


A structured, highly tailored affiliate methodology

Experience tells us the only way to create longevity in affiliates is to match each client’s key business objectives to individual affiliates, creating the perfect family of partnerships. We treat every brand individually, looking to understand their goals and create a personalised programme that delivers. It’s that simple.

 Affiliates are flexible, innovative and creative, - and importantly, so are we. We’ve found the key to driving volume is keeping an open mind to every breed of affiliate, smartly utilising the full capabilities of each to our clients’ benefit. Want to drive new customers? We’ll put forward affiliates who can target and use their data to reach people who’ve never shopped with you before. Looking to engage with customers in the purchase awareness phase? We’ll tailor a content programme that leverages all the influence a great blog can deliver.


Experienced specialists with extensive network connections

Connections are key in the affiliate world and we’ve been working with some of the largest, most influential players for more than a decade. These connections extend beyond the UK’s shores too, as we deal with global accounts in have native speakers in 11 languages in-house.

 Genie Goals was born because our parent company was looking to boost its own affiliate efforts. We couldn’t find an agency with the right mix of personal touch and global reach, so set to work mastering it in-house. We now offer this unique marketing service to other brands, with a growing team of experienced specialists who have spent years driving strategy for a huge range clients, including established names such as Expedia and Awin.


Proven track record with global retail brands

We have staff with a huge depth of experience, but our focus is channelled very specifically into the retail sector; letting us meld a wide depth of service with our very specialised knowledge. Some of the world’s most iconic retail brands have put their paid search accounts in our trust - and they’re all still partnered with us today. Calvin Klein, The Conran Shop, Amara, Karl Lagerfeld, Dwell, Hackett London - the list goes on. They’ve all chosen Genie Goals and found what they were looking for, and more.

 This global retail experience means we can judge just where the most creative strategies can be applied to maximum effect. Part of the Genie philosophy is to consider, “What can we do that nobody else is doing?” It’s often the best way to deliver the growth we have become known for - but you need the strength of conviction that’s borne from success to see it through, alongside the experience to know where to draw the lines.


A free, personalised consultation for your company

Making claims is one thing, but it’s far more important to back those claims with action. That’s why we encourage you to to get in touch and talk to us about your goals, so we can chat through what we can do if you work with us. It’s a free consultation, so what do you have to lose? It might be the start of something beautiful.