→ An honest assessment - and what we can do for you

→ Your digital marketing reviewed by retail experts

→ A glimpse into your possible marketing future

→ The entire audit, and the results, for free


An honest assessment - and what we could do for you

The audit would tell you what we’d do differently on the account, why, how we’d change it to and what these changes are likely to bring in terms of performance improvement. The account audits are carried out by real human beings, not an algorithm, so we can understand the context of the environment you are working in.

Genie is in the business of revolutionising rather than maintaining, so expect an honest assessment as to whether we really think we will be able to drive home the results we pride ourselves upon. If we don’t think we can drive you forward, we’ll tell you so.


Your digital marketing reviewed by retail experts

Our clients such as Calvin Klein, Amara, Karl Lagerfeld, Hackett London, Mamas and Papas and more always stay as clients because we deliver two, three, or even four digit growth year on year - and you can benefit from that knowledge too.

This is possible because Genie Goals is a retail-only digital marketing agency. We’ve gained a specialist knowledge in this sector over the years and are a key part of the success of each of our clients. That’s why our clients rated us with an overall score of 9.3/10 this year in the Recommended Agency Register, and we’ve been recognised with multiple Google Awards such as being noted as a Google Premier Partner.


A glimpse into your possible marketing future

We’ve had the pleasure of growing the accounts for many great clients over the years, and can quickly identify opportunities for growth, optimisation and things that might bring the scale of growth we’ve become known for.  


The entire audit, and the results, for free

Whilst the account audit is totally free and no hard sell will come from it, we’d hope by adding value from the beginning, for free, we might earn a place in your mind and heart so that when it comes to reviewing for a new agency, you might consider Genie as your partner.

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