Broad match keywords are often talked about as one way of identifying potential keywords for your account, but how do you find this data and then use it in an effective way

Converting keyword audits are the answer!

Here’s the process:

1- In AdWords, select the date range you wish to look at – this makes for a good monthly or fortnightly exercise, but if the account does not generate enough data for this time frame use a longer one - 50+ conversions should be sufficient.

2- Select either the whole account, a specific campaign or a specific AdGroup – this again dependent on account size as in point one.

3- Navigate to the keyword tabs.

4- Open up the keyword report by going ‘Details > Search Terms (all)’.


5- Download the report as a .csv

6- Open up the .csv file.

7- Freeze the top row to keep the column headings visible as you scroll. The option to do this is under the view tab.


8- Sort the Conversions column from largest to smallest, expanding the selection.

9- Filter the “Added/Excluded” column to remove the added search terms (we already have these covered in our account!). The option to filter is under the home tab.

10- Go down the “Search Term” column and highlight any keywords that could add to your account. For example your “Trainers” Campaign might pick up “Air Jordan Trainers” and convert – it looks like it is time to create an AdGroup or campaign targeting Air Jordan keywords.