For many PPC ad builders, the keyword (pun intended) is very much quantity rather than quality. The art is finding the right terms to bid on and then following the golden rules for PPC, set in stone some time around Roman times.

But can there be more than this? While PPC can be very much about collecting small gains across a large number of ads, is there room for a little more imagination?

Sometimes there’s very little wriggle room. Your ad group may have a long and necessary title for your ‘Headline’, while your ‘Description lines’ may need to put across a particular company message or offer. Hopefully these ads will work well for you anyway, if you’ve targeted the right group for your message.

Others may be less clear cut. Perhaps you’re receiving a lot of impressions but the clicks or click through rate (CTR) simply aren’t up to scratch – or the conversion rate is terrible. If you know these are areas you could – should – be doing better, it’s time to pick the 10 with most potential and put a day aside to give them some real love.

Unleash your inner journalist…


First ask yourself, how well do I really know the product I’m writing these ads for? Look for descriptive words that are associated with it; from colours to mottos to words used in adverts. Is it the leading product? The oldest, or most established?

Next, ask yourself what both the company – and those who are fans of the product – actually think. Have a look at reviews, or the kinds of things people are generally saying about it, and se what you may be able to squeeze in. Are we talking fastest, cheapest, most reliable? Exquisite, award winning, fashionable, classic?

Of course the battle for the click can be won by the Headline alone – but it’s not necessarily purely about the fact. If you’ve got a short ad group, can you squeeze in a bit of word play? You might be surprised how much this can make your ad stand out. 

From puns to rhymes to alliteration, it could make the difference. There’s even more space in your first Description line; still leaving your call to action for line two.

…but not your inner hack


It’s great to get creative with your ads, but be sure not to get creative with the truth. While you can see a rise in CTR, the chances are that your conversion rate will suffer if your clickers aren’t finding what you promised in the ad when they arrive.

This is something worth analysing when you’re looking through your underperforming ads; have you copied over a Headline or Description from a commonly used ad that simply isn’t relevant, or is now out of date? Does that page actually contain offers that are 50 per cent off, for example?

If this is the case, you may simply need to make your ad accurate rather than creative. But if you’ve got the time, it will be well worth doing both and comparing the results after a month of running the ads side by side.

Analysing the results

Now all you have to do is wait a month and then see how your new ads fared. Hopefully you’ll see immediate improvements across the board but if not, don’t be downhearted; it’s not over yet.

Look for patterns in the successful ads and see how the lessons from these can help those that didn’t do so well. Sometimes you may be able to take an entire Description line and apply it across a whole range of ads, including some of those that failed.

Equally, if some did OK but didn’t set the world on fire, try to mix and match them to make one exceptional one. The more combinations you try, the more chance you have of hitting that PPC ad jackpot.