Ever been innocuously browsing the web for your next pair of shoes, before leaving the retail site to browse your social media, only to find the shoes have followed you in an advertisement - reminding you you’ve forgotten them? That’s dynamic remarketing.

  Example of a dynamic remarketing ad.

Example of a dynamic remarketing ad.

Dynamic remarketing takes standard remarketing a step further by showing your prospects tailored advertisements containing specific products and services they have viewed. It aims to keep your brand relevant by bringing them back to your website to complete their purchase, as people who have already shown an interest in your product or service have a far higher chance of converting.

Setting up dynamic remarketing campaigns

Dynamic remarketing can be applied to Google’s search and display networks. But as dynamic remarketing is more associated with display we’ll concentrate on that.

First you’ll need a piece of Google remarketing code (also called a ‘tag’) inserted into your website coding. Google has a pretty good guide on how to do just that.

The tag works using cookies to remember something about the user at a later date. After a prospect browses your website, you will be able to show them targeted ads based on their behaviour and certain actions they have performed on your website. These actions can be broken down into the following categories:

  • All visitors - All users who visit your website

  • Product viewers - All users who have been on your website and viewed a product without purchasing

  • Abandoned basket - All users who have added products to the shopping basket without purchasing

  • Past buyers - All users who have been on your website and have purchased something

  • General visitors - All users who have been on your website without looking at a specific page

With these actions, Google will allow you to track and have enough data to create and build remarketing lists and audiences, which you can then use to tailor ads to each specific group.

What to do with the data

 How dynamic lists look.  Source

How dynamic lists look. Source

Now, with data being collected about your prospects’ browsing behaviour, you can log in to your Google AdWords account and begin creating specific remarketing lists,based on the actions available to you. These remarketing lists will then have enough data for you to be able to create your dynamic display remarketing ads.

You can also create your audiences using Google Analytics; advantageous for having the ability to separate bids on each ad group within each remarketing list. At Genie for example, we recently established a dynamic remarketing campaign targeting abandoned baskets, site visitors, past purchasers and product viewers. Even this general set of criteria vs standard remarketing for the same client yielded a COS drop of a third at an ROI of 2494%

Advantages of dynamic remarketing

At Genie, there are many reasons we should use dynamic remarketing ads. They include:

  • Personalised ads - We like to deliver the most personalised, unique experience possible. People who fall into the product viewers, abandoned basket, and past buyers categories can be targeted and shown advertisements with specific products they have viewed. This helps to attract these customers back onto your site with more noticeable ads.

  • Returning customers - As users who have already made a purchase, this group is already familiar with your brand. They are significantly more valuable, less costly, and more inclined to make a purchase after seeing your ads over a new prospect. Tactically we’re more inclined to set our bids higher on these prospects however, as they are far more likely to convert.

  • Staying relevant - The web of 2017 is a far more personalised place than even this time last year. The ability to stay relevant and keep your business in the user’s mind is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal. Brand awareness and retention leads to more loyal customers, who return to your website more often and make more sales for your business.

Is it worth the effort?

Dynamic remarketing is another tool in the marketer’s inbox - it forms part of a customer’s journey. Dynamic remarketing is a simple-to-use and powerful tool that digital marketers can strongly benefit from through increased brand awareness and brand retention. The results will speak for themselves!

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