Fashion; noun: a popular clothing, hair, decoration, behaviour or paid search method.

As a retailer-only digital marketing agency, we need to be aware of the latest marketing trends to help our clients to stay ahead of the competition. And with some world leading fashion brands as clients, who are constantly updating their wares to sell to their savvy customer bases, we need to stay ahead of the crowd.

One of the most powerful tools at our disposal for this is Google Shopping. Although Google Shopping has been around longer than just a summer season, it has been one of the ways retailers have seen an incredible boost on sales & C/R in recent times.

What is Google Shopping and how does it work?

Google Shopping is a service that allows users to search for products online and compare prices. These product listing ads (PLAs) help promote online and local products and increase traffic to websites or local stores.

Because of Google’s incredible reach, Google Shopping has quickly become of the biggest sources of revenue for fashion brands since the platform’s rebrand in 2012. And it’s easy to understand why: what you wear is a visual decision and Shopping lets the customer view their favourite brand’s products alongside a small description and the price, making comparison simple.

To make it work you simply provide Google with your your existing Merchant Center product data feed so it can work out when to show your ads for a user’s query. This video helps explain the process:

Why fashion brands should really, definitely be using Google Shopping

If you’re not yet convinced by the virtues of using PLAs, or what I like to call Google’s ‘sleepless catwalk’, bear these points in mind:

  • More traffic - These ads draw attention and stand out more than text ads and experience a significantly higher traffic volume, letting customers view and decide if they like the product.
  • Higher C/R - Don’t believe it? Customers can see an image, description, price and brand name, which means, that when they click on the ad, they’re more likely to buy as they already know everything they need to know about the product and decide, before clicking, if that fits their style. The example below show CTR & Click for semi-brand and shopping campaigns. Here we can see that we get higher CTR for less clicks with our Shopping campaigns.




  • Search result dominance - When a user enters a query both your text ads and PLAs may show in the same search results: a double win for your client!
 Search engine... dominated.

Search engine... dominated.

  • Powerful reporting and competition data - You can check how your products are performing at so many levels; from the type of shape of a necklace to the colour of a coat. You can also get insights into the competitive landscape by using benchmarking data from other companies through Google Analytics (Navigate to your view → Reports → Audience → Benchmarking).

How to take full advantage of Google Shopping

There are several important steps you should always follow to get the best out of your PLA ads:  

  • Be up to date with your new releases - As soon as you put new lines live on your website make sure you add them to you feed so they start showing up on Google Shopping (and the same applies to seasonal products).

  •  Don’t forget special offers and sales on your clients’ websites - These can prove very popular in Shopping results. To find out more about holiday budgeting and how to get the most of it, read our recent post on the topic.

  • Experiment with your product structure - Don’t be afraid to try new ideas - it’s always a good a idea to experiment with new approaches to your customers’ needs, and your next idea may be the big one. A common move is to try by category, or a combination of brand name and category.

adwords product structure


  • Learn what your customers are searching for - This will vary depending on brand, but could be colour, size, type of product, gender etc. Once you’ve identified these search trends, adapt your ads to them. Also, experiment with synonyms of the products that are on your feed by checking what your customers search for via Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner Tool and add those keywords in your feed.

  • Quality is always important - The quality of your data is a big key to success in the Google Shopping world. Make sure your images are the correct size and are unique wherever possible, as well as applying your product category, colour, size, gender, brand and age to your feed. Google provide all the technical information you need here.

To sum up

Google Shopping is important for all business but if you’re a fashion brand you should absolutely be prioritising it. The reason is simple: PLAs can get you higher traffic, CTR, sales and revenue.

Stay tuned to our blog if you want to know more tips for fashion brands on paid search media or if you just simply love PPC.