Starting a new job is hard for anyone. New people. New office. New written rules. New unwritten rules.

That being said, that process is made so much easier when the company you’re moving to is Genie Goals, part of Genie Ventures.


I’m still the ‘new guy’ at Genie, but, for the past few years I have been building my career in marketing. Learning wherever I can, meeting whoever will stand and listen to me, and trying to facilitate conversation through starting events such as the Cambridge Marketing Meetup. So, while I am new here, I’m not the freshest face on the block.

Having experienced working in various workplaces from FTSE companies through to a three-person business over the past few years I feel qualified to comment on why Genie is different, and more importantly... why I think you will like it too.  

It’s an attitude thing...

Genie Goals is a great place to be because the company is filled with driven, positive, and always learning people. The result? A company heading in the right direction.

Genie Goals values people who say they are going to do something, and then take the initiative to go and do it. While you feel supported, you also have the autonomy to make your own mark on the company to do something new or different. From the first day I was keen to contribute and felt like I have been given the opportunity to do just that. Genie say they’ve maintained their start up attitude despite their growth, and honestly, I buy into that.

Just as highly, Genies value learning. Genie is full of people looking to learn more, be better and more complete human beings. Of a staff of around 50, there are 10 different languages spoken within the office. I’ve always been impressed (and slightly jealous) of people with these skills, but it shows the type of people Genie look to hire - those who invest in themselves to pick up new skills, and then have the bravery to put it into actions. I know I can only become a better marketer by surrounding myself with different and better skill sets than my own - it will be a real privilege to learn from those around me, while trying to help others with lessons of my own.

Genie is also a friendly, positive place. Until you know otherwise is easy to underestimate the value of people who say yes, put their faith in you, and encourage you to be the best you can be. Each day when I return from work I feel respected, uplifted, and most importantly, happy. I look forward to work in the morning - and that’s directly attributable to the people who surround me every single day.

It’s also an action thing...

Beyond the personalities, Genie’s do things the right way in their actions. We produce great results in comparison to the competition, but far more importantly, results that seriously benefit our clients.

Running through the heart and soul of the company is a commitment to quality and taking work seriously. Having worked with good and bad agencies from a marketer’s point of view over my career, it quickly becomes apparent who really cares about what they are doing. I wouldn’t have joined Genie if I didn’t think the company fits into the former camp. It gives me pride to know that Genie are doing their customers right and are trying to do things the right way.

Beyond the people just caring, the technology Genie use (developed by Cambridge PhD’s no less) was born out of satisfying their own needs as a company. Genie fight to do the customer right, as the problems the customer now face were once Genie’s own. This kind of empathy for the customer problem if difficult to replicate without having been there yourself.

The great thing about this all is that Genie is growing fast, producing an exciting, buzzy environment to work. As Genie go from strength to strength, our clients only can benefit.

And when that is all done… Genies play. Never before have I seen such commitment and passion directed at a table football game. The socials are things of legend, and there is constant opportunity to join people at various events during the week and weekend. These aren’t mandatory, but the fact the opportunity exists is only a good thing. It goes beyond the typical tech culture facade though - people really are genuinely happy to spend time with one another.

It’s not just me...

“Genie provides a great opportunity to work in an international and culturally diverse environment. I love the daily interactions with many different people, which makes coming to work every day enjoyable because it's like coming to the office to see your friends.” - Stephanie Petrashko

And by the way, you can join too...

You know the best thing about all this? You can join as we’re hiring! See the careers page here, and watch the video below for more information.