I just celebrated my first year as a PPC Executive. While a great opportunity to celebrate, I thought I would also reflect on the past year for the benefit of anyone starting on their own PPC journey.

I was completely new to the PPC advertising world when I signed my contract to be Dutch PPC Executive at Genie Goals. I’ve picked up a few tricks in my first year, found a few indispensable resources, and combined it with good guidance and always being open to learn.

The right workplace culture

If you’re going to apply for a job in PPC advertising, make sure you find the right company for you. In 2013 the PPC industry was worth $34.9 billion: that’s more than radio, outdoor advertising and indoor advertising combined. In 2016 that number skyrocketed to $61.1 billion, with 75% growth expected for the next 5 years, according to Sparkpay.

A lot of money in the industry means a lot of jobs and opportunities. If you have the luxury to choose, pick the company with the workplace culture that most closely aligns to your values. This is really important because these are the people you will surround yourself with every day and be learning from. Do your research on the workplace culture before joining - find out their stated values and also what people think of them on sites such as Glassdoor. If possible, also try and find out who your team leader will be. Ideally they will be experienced and will help guide you through the PPC maze, can answer your questions, and can also take away your doubts (that you’ll most certainly have).

A training scheme within the company is also a huge benefit. Opt in on all the PPC-related courses that your company offers and cram those new terms in your head from day one. Not all companies are willing to invest time and resources in young people, so make sure this promise is made by your (future) employer. Join a company where you can grow, make mistakes and especially learn.

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Get certified

Google and Bing both have exams you can take to prove you’re an expert in your territory. If you’re unfamiliar with Google AdWords, start with AdWords Fundamentals to explore the platform. The exams summarise everything you need to know about the specific advertising platforms, from video advertising to the shopping and display networks. 

The sooner you take those exams the better, as they’ll give you a lot of new insights that will be of everyday use. The resources to study for the exams are provided by Google: you’ll find a step by step overview and Study Guide online. You can also learn more through watching videos about online marketing and Google Adwords on Youtube.

It is also possible to take part in the in-house training at Google’s offices in Dublin or London. Ask your team leader about the possibilities, as I am sure that the Google Adwords Certificate will look nice up on your wall! Afterwards, remember to add your certification to your LinkedIn profile as well, so your network can see you’re qualified. My colleague Nav was really eager to show his mum the certificate, as you can see in his tweets.


Keep yourself informed on trends

The PPC industry is evolving rapidly; there are new software adjustments, mind-blowing strategies and ground breaking cases to read about every day. Try to pick the most important highlights you could use for your company, as well as your clients. 

A Twitter account can help you gather the right information from interesting experts and companies very efficiently; for example, using the hashtag #ppcchat to stay informed. Competitors and PPC marketing news channels can also provide you with a lot of useful information. 

You don’t always need to actively look for news, you can also get the news sent straight to your inbox. Subscribe yourself to newsletters and blog posts, like this one. And who knows? Within that same year you could end up writing a blogpost yourself, just like me.

These three lessons are some of many, if you would like to start your PPC journey like I did a year ago, find our vacancies here. If you would also like to keep up to date on the latest from Genie with more blog posts, like this, sign up below the links I've provided to the Google and Bing exams.

Google exams study guide:

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