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We’d never work with fast fashion brands, gambling sites, oil or anyone who puts profit before people and planet. We’re all about ethical marketing.
Emily Long CEO of Genie Goals
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We help ambitious e-commerce brands, large or small, scale through cutting-edge digital marketing and change the world in the process. Here’s a little more about how…

There is never a one size fits all when it comes to Digital Strategy so our teams are focused on each of our partners’ marketing objectives to establish the role each channel needs to play whether you have an established marketing mix or making the first step into a single channel. We are smart people, using smart tools but we’re not dictated by them. We don’t have an account management layer here at Genie Goals, our partners have a direct relationship with the people who are doing the doing. We feel not only is this a better way of working to ensure nothing gets lost in translation, but it gives complete transparency to our partners and a chance to build capabilities across the partnership.

Honesty, Accountability and Transparency are at the centre of everything we do - if we feel you are spending your money in the wrong place, we’ll tell you, if we think we can’t hit your targets we’ll tell you  - even if that means you spend less money with us or choose not to work with us at all. Our values are at the heart of everything we do. We don’t work with everyone - that’s a no to fast fashion, oil companies, brands trading in Russia, etc.  We get excited by ethical brands, brands out there looking to do more than just sell more stuff and ones which are working towards a more positive impact on our planet.

All that and an amazing bunch of people who are a true extension of our partners’ teams. It is our intention to create a remarkable, inspirational workplace to grow, learn and develop which positively impacts the world. 

So if you are looking to grow your business, or grow and develop as a digital marketing expert get in touch now.
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Emily Long - CEO - Genie Goals

We’re an agency team of 30
based in cambridge

We have over 30+ clients as an award winning 7 figure agency.
under 20%
Our client turnover is under 20% and our staff turnover is less than 12.5%
If we don’t think we’re the right fit, we’ll tell you.
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Angela Ward - Rodd & Gunn

"Really enjoy the people and ideas, always positive and excited to try new things and do more for us - they push us to do better! Hate the timezones! Especially when it is a 13 hrs difference. If I could replicate one agency to do everything, it would be Genie Goals"
Angela Ward - General Manager
Rodd & Gunn
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