Joe Glover Named in Marketing Week Founding 50

Hannah Hooton
May 19, 2019

We’re proud to announce our Marketing Manager, Joe Glover, has been selected as one of the Founding 50 for the School of Marketing – a programme supported by Marketing Week, Learning et al, and Person College London.

The Founding 50 is made up of marketers from around the UK under the age of 30, handpicked to lead the charge on inspiring the next generation of marketers.

Joe will be working alongside tutors from IBM, Microsoft, Direct Line Group, Santander, and Unilever to deliver a new learning platform to help students from all backgrounds explore a career in marketing. Joe has been working for Genie Goals for two years, reflecting on the time, Agency Director Luca Senatore stated:

When we hired Joe, we knew we were hiring a talented individual who would go on to do amazing things. After two years working with him, it's clear that he's doing exactly that and I know he'll go on to do even more amazing things in future. Giving back is big part of what we're about at Genie Goals. Joe embodies that philosophy. I'm immensely proud.

On the honour, Joe said:

It's fantastic to be involved in the School of Marketing. Marketing has given me so much in a relatively short time. Knowing the potential a career in marketing has to deliver a fulfilling life, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to help the next group of humans into a career I think genuinely has the potential to change lives.

The Dean of the School of Marketing, Ritchie Mehta, stated:

Joe is a key member of the School of Marketing’s Founding 50, a group of talented individuals that aim to inspire and inform the younger generations about what a career in marketing could be like.

Joe’s personality, attitude and vision is super impressive and he has already made considerable strides in his own way to inspire others into a marketing career. He is a role model for future generations and we can’t wait for him to get more involved in the School of Marketing.

The first meeting of the School of Marketing Founding 50 takes place in January 2019, where Joe and the remaining 49 young marketers will begin to deliver on the inspirational mission of the programme. Watch this space!

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