When online plagiarism gets caught

Hannah Hooton
July 7, 2018

I love marketing.

Why? Because fundamentally, marketing is all about solving the needs of the customer.

The fun really starts however when considering how to help your target audience in the right way, cutting through the noise so they’re aware of the solution you’ve created to help them – this requires creativity and originality.

More than this though, the reason I love Genie is the way we go about our marketing. We work hard as individuals to build relationships with our clients, because fundamentally we would rather work alongside our clients for mutual gain, rather than feel like we’re ‘getting away with it’. Much like any relationship – the foundation has to be based on trust, transparency, and humanity.

So when someone operates with what appears to be opposing principles, well… it’s important to call it out.

That’s why when our Agency Director, Luca Senatore, found his content being plagiarised by an agency (below) he took it upon himself to take a deep dive into their activities with some (cue Buzzfeed clickbait word – but this time actually super appropriate) jaw dropping results.  

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