PPC is where our business was born - originally creating a bidding tech solution to rival Google. Our experience and expertise in retail performance marketing has earnt us respect from both our peers and by Google. We are an Award Winning Google Premier Partner Agency, and have secured our place in the top 1% of PPC agencies in EMEA.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for 'pay-per-click', and is one of the most important tools in the performance marketing toolkit. PPC advertising has grown from humble beginnings as the little search ads in the sidebar of Google, to providing marketing solutions across the whole funnel, utilising machine learning and bidding technology to optimise effectively to your business objectives. Search Engine Marketing benefits from being a channel which helps users find what they are looking for, so it’s vital that brands leverage these tools effectively to be visible throughout the entire research phase of the buying journey. 

Genie Goals offers support across the full range of products in the Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) platforms, including shopping, search, display, video and more.

What do we think is the best approach for PPC?

1. Understand your objectives
2. Define the role of PPC within your marketing mix
3. Increase efficiency with PPC best practices: Reduce wastage and layout the foundations before scaling up
4. Drive profitable growth with a solid account structure
5. Use a robust test and learn approach to engage and capture the right audience 

The Genie Goals approach to PPC is tech-based and performance-based. Whether your goal is to drive efficiency or growth, we build a bespoke strategy suited to each client.

How does Genie use tech to manage PPC?

Search engines use a bidding model to determine which PPC ads show where on any given search page, shopping result or website. Based on your targets and KPIs, it's important to bid high enough to drive enough traffic to your site - but low enough that you can achieve your ROI targets. You can bid based on a large number of targeting criteria, including the keyword/search terms entered into the search engine; the device being used; the location of the searcher; the demographics of the searcher, and many others. There can be literally millions of different search terms relevant to your business and it's impossible for one person to manually calculate the bids for all of these based on the huge amount of data available. 

How do you judge success from PPC?

Before starting any campaign, the first question should always be, what are we actually trying to achieve here? After that you can ask, how do we judge the success of a campaign? With PPC, there is a multitude of ways to measure the success of your activity. Whether it's phone calls, leads, newsletter signups or something bespoke to your business. If it can be done - we will track it, bid on it, and report on it for you.

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Sarah Etherington - Camfed

"The Genies are an incredible team who all work exceptionally well together. Each person we have dealt with during our many years working with them has been enthusiastic and focused. We are very grateful to them for helping us manage our PPC account so efficiently."
Sarah Etherington, Digital Marketing Manager
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