Strengthen Your Brand With The Power Of NO

This weeks episode of "Ask an Ecom Expert" is with the inspirational Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, Founder and CEO of Flowerbx. But most people in the fashion industry know her as "Tom Ford's right-hand lady".
Hannah Hooton
April 5, 2022
Strengthen Your Brand With The Power Of NO

After 18 years working for Tom Ford, first at Gucci then his own brand – Whitney had a “now or never” moment with Flowerbx. There are so many lessons to take from this conversation with Whitney, about branding, discipline, strategic partnerships, series A funding to name a few.

Flowerbx isn’t just another flower business, they’re a zero-waste business that offers extraordinary flowers, delivered. Their seamless customer journey, as well as market-leading freshness, differentiates them from competitors. Not to mean some very exclusive brand partnerships, putting them at the forefront of fashion.


Key Takeaways:

  • Discipline and saying “no” is more important than saying yes. From brand partnerships, opportunities or investors. Choose yes at the right time not every time
  • Fail Faster – it’s the best way to develop the business and learn.
  • Just because an investor or stakeholder doesn’t believe in your idea, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one. Stick to your gut and believe in your concept.

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